Growing a greener city!

One tree at a time!

Tree planting challenge is here!

Join us in our fundraising efforts to support New Acropolis! For just R300, you can contribute to our tree planting initiative. Your donation will help us plant trees on Saturday, October 12th, making a tangible impact on our environment. We also invite you to join us on the planting day, where you can see firsthand the difference your contribution makes. Together, let's grow a greener future for all. Donate today and mark your calendar for October 12th! Follow our Instagram page to keep in the know how and remember get friends involved.

Tree Fundraising

An invoice will be emailed to you to make payment. 

Greenbelts assist with offsetting carbon

Join us in our mission to restore nature's balance through reforestation and greenbelt initiatives.

Reforestation: Planting trees to combat climate change. Each sapling we plant is a step towards a greener future.

Greenbelts: Lush corridors of greenery in urban landscapes. They're not just scenic escapes; they're vital habitats for wildlife and buffers against urban sprawl. Together, we can create a world where nature thrives and communities flourish. Explore our initiatives and get involved today!

What about climate change?