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Philosophy in Leadership (PHIL) is a social entrepreneurship initiative of New Acropolis South Africa, a Section 18A non-profit organisation. Our passion is people. We inspire natural leadership through training programmes tailor-made for your business, bringing the best out of your people. Through workshops and team building, we facilitate the improvement of your company culture with actionable philosophies fit for a diverse and ever-evolving work environment.

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Training Workshops
Team Building

Kickstart 2024 with a short-term investment that guarantees long- term returns.

Build High Performance Teams

Ask Intelligent Questions Adopt an Infinite

Business Mindset Solve Problems & Make

Decisions Develop Personal Effectiveness

Maintain Relationships Confidently

Effectively Manage Conflict

Skillfully Navigate Change

Masterfully Manoeuvre Diversity

Empower & Elevate Your Team

Top down

Inside Out

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