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A perfect place for all lovers of wisdom. Those looking to be part of a movement towards improving the self and the collective. Take action and discover more about your life and humanity.


Our principles are to Promote Fraternity amongst all people without discrimination, through; Comparative Studies of Philosophy, Culture, Arts, Sciences and; Investigate Humane Potential and the Laws of Nature.

We are aligned with at least 4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
#4 Quality Education;
#15 Life on Land.
#16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions; & international projects of ecological sustainability continue to meet goal
#17 Partnership for the goals

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New Acropolis offers events that promote philosophical knowledge and exploration as a way to help individuals unlock their highest potential. Philosophy is an invaluable tool that can bring about a deep transformation from within; one that can positively shape an individual's personality and outlook on life. By engaging with philosophical concepts, individuals have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the meaning of life and how to live it to the fullest.
The Key to Inner Wisdom is an Introductory course to practical philosophy which concentrates on awakening your inner strength by giving you the tools needed in order to apply personal courage, compassion and consciousness.
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Philosophy courses, classes, discussions, movies, book clubs

Philosophy, when it is practical, is educational. It helps us to know ourselves and to improve ourselves. To be a philosopher is a way of life committed to the best aspirations of humanity


Slam Poetry, Cultural exchange

Practicing human values is the basis for an active & participative culture, which brings out the qualities of each person, broadens the horizons of the mind & opens one up to all expressions of the spirit.
Public talks and events: these take place at the beginning of every Philosophy 4 Living course and sporadically throughout the year, from movie screenings, art exhibitions, presentations of ancient civilizations to book launches and debates you name it, it is always enlightening.
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Volunteer events: we host at least 1 per year - our volunteers work - from hands on, organisation, administration to fundraising and marketing. If you are inspired to help: join, receive and grow through service.


Dignity programs for the underprivileged | Urban regeneration

Volunteering is the natural expression of a spirit of union with life and humanity, which manifests in the practice of values such as selflessness, commitment and striving for the common good.

------ Our Principles ------

Our Purpose

To unite seekers of wisdom through humane relationships. Find the art in science, comparative cultures and different philosophies by studying the nature of all things. This is the direction of the heroes journey by awakening our potential.

How We Teach

Through comparative studies, we enter the depth of human experience across the ages, linking the past, present and future. Gain the skills, values and attitudes for individual management, organisation and expanding consciousness by progressively improving your life and relationships

From Lovers of Wisdom

A lover of wisdom aims to gain practical knowledge in order to achieve tranquility from within.


1What is Fundamentals of Inner Life - First Level Course?
Fundamentals of inner life is a unique 20 weeks introductory course for philosophy as a way of life. This course, under different names and with small variations, is studied in all our branches around the world (currently more than 400 centers worldwide). It can be taken as a stand alone course or as an introduction and a gateway to our philosophy program. The course integrates classes, practical exercises and Socratic dialogues, revolving around the study and teachings of wisdom from the different civilizations of the world, ranging from India, Greece, Ancient Egypt, Tibet and more. Through an eclectic approach we extract the best teachings of each culture, resulting in a practical synthesis that can be used to improve ourselves and our lives.
2What are the goals of the course?
Just as our course’s motto say: Discover, Awaken, Transform. That is, discover ourselves, the latent qualities we have within us, awaken them through practice, and transform ourselves and as a result, our society as well.
3What is the difference between this philosophy course and other academic philosophy courses?
New Acropolis puts emphasis on philosophy as a way of life and on the integration of knowledge and experience. The aim of our course is not to increase our knowledge about philosophy but to follow in the footsteps of the great philosophers, increasing our awareness, clarity, self-knowledge and initiating a process of self-transformation.
4In the busy lifestyle of the 21st century, why should a person care enough about philosophy to devote time and effort to study and practice it?
We can have a full schedule, but is it a fulfilling one? All of us will agree that we need to devote time and effort to ourselves, but when we speak about dedicating time to ourselves, what exactly do we mean? Is leisure time, entertainment or relaxation enough? What about nourishing our souls? Our inner selves? If we don’t ask ourselves the timeless philosophical questions of who am I? What is the purpose of life? Where am I going? Then, how can we choose where to go and how to get there? The practice of philosophy allows us to find answers to these questions and more, and adds depth to everything we do.
5Is philosophy practical in our everyday lives?
Yes. It’s a mistake to think that philosophy is only an intellectual exercise. The aim of philosophy is to help us look for the cause of things in order to create a consistent and sustainable change in ourselves and our society. Philosophy as a way of life gives us practical, applicable tools to Be The Change we wish to see in the world and to initiate a proactive approach to life.
6Who is this course for?
All people who are seeking self-transformation, who wish to make a change to better their community, and who feel there is more to life, beyond the illusions of the “Matrix”… There is no need for any former knowledge or experience with philosophy.
7Who are the teachers?
The teachers in New Acropolis are first of all students. We believe that in order to get closer to wisdom and transmit it to others, one should first live it. Not as an intellectual and mental practice but truly and deeply live and experience it. A teacher is first and foremost a disciple, who learns from life’s experiences and study in our advanced study program.
8What is the course format?
The course consists of 20 classes which are given once a week, in a 2 hour interactive presentation (including intermission) at the New Acropolis Cultural Centre. A special exercise seminar is offered during the course and focuses mainly on practice through experience.