About Us

What is New Acropolis?

New Acropolis South Africa is an educational non-profit organization which has been operating in the metro-Atlanta since 2004. We are a branch of a worldwide philosophical movement which center in hundreds of cities throughout the world which works in the areas of philosophy, culture and volunteering. Its aim is to revive the concept of philosophy as a conscious way of living. Most of the problems we are facing today are man-made. They are a result of our way of life which in turn is a “product of our thinking” (Einstein), so our problems cannot be solved without a change in our thinking. Philosophy can help us to re-examine the way we think of ourselves and our role in the world. Philosophy “in the classical tradition” is also a daily practice of action in alignment with our values and the laws of nature. At New Acropolis, someone can take a yoga class, volunteer for a park cleanup, or study the rich symbolism of Sub-Saharan Africa in our Symbology class. Our activities are varied because human beings need a variety of experiences to help them come to "know themselves", as the ancient Pre-Socratic philosophers used to say

What kind of philosophy?

Our school teaches and promotes philosophy as the best way to know how to live. Philosophy is "love of wisdom" and should (by its very nature) make life better? Our school is focused on imparting effective wisdom-tools that come directly from the greatest teachers in human history such as Hypatia, Buddha, Plato, and the Stoics. Philosophy directly addresses the things that you care about, and a "philosophical life" can improve the quality of every aspect of our lives including our careers, relationships, family, health, and happiness.

Why Philosophy in 2020?

Our society values the ideals of individual choice and freedom. Yet, more and more, people are realizing that these values are elusive and may even be diminishing. The average person checks their phone 150 times a day. How much freedom is there? We are inspired by the idea that individual choice, freedom, and the resulting happiness, is maximized by philosophical wisdom. We are also interested in a revindication of the word "philosophy" as "love of wisdom" which is the original meaning of the word.



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