Guy Guy Hazon was born in Tel Aviv (Israel) in 1976, and has been living in South Africa since 2006.

Guy Hazon became a member in New Acropolis in Israel in 1997. Until 2004 he was active in various positions in New Acropolis Israel: Aesthetics and Maintenance, Public relations and distribution, Economics, Integration.

Since 1999 he started teaching: Philosophy and Metaphysics, Comparative studies of East and West, Symbolism of different civilisations, Cosmo genesis and Anthropogenic and gave lectures about various civilisations, Philosophic and Metaphysic themes.

During the fallowing years he opened a New acropolis centre in Neve Tzedek (Tel Aviv), a branch in Kfar Saba and was running the Branch of Haifa for the last few years in Israel.

At 2004 he opened a centre of New Acropolis in California, United States and as he had to leave the country at 2006 he moved almost directly to South Africa and opened the centre in Johannesburg.

Guy Hazon has dedicated his life to teaching and learning of Philosophy as a way of life.