Do What You Love, Youth Program:

The adolescent mind is naturally philosophical - it is wrought with thoughts and questions from: Who am I? What is the meaning of life? To How are we to build society?

New Acropolis has a program specifically formulated to inspire the values of personal development, thinking skills and leadership toward active citizenship.

Through 18 weekly extra-mural meetings learners explore the following topics:


  • Ethics and Morality

  • Voices of the personality

  • A warriors conflict

  • My destiny?

  • Happiness or suffering?

  • Philosophy meets the cinema

Man and Society

  • Youth in the new millennium

  • Individual, society and organised community, universal ubuntu

  • Myths and Legends

  • Utopia, possible?

  • Morality and social law

  • Explore socio-political theories

Philosophy of History

  • Cycles of time

  • Connecting History and Mythology

  • Our future...

Finally they take part in a volunteer project of their own design from conception to implementation, making philosophy practical and socially uplifting.

Support this course for only R2 999 per student per year.

Work4Life: Employability Skills

Work4Life is a personal development and employability skills program designed for the unemployed youth and the displaced. The goal is to integrate them with interim training and work as a spring-board to further vocational training and development.

Working in conjunction

The cost per learner is R3100 per course.

Extraordinaire: Student Leadership

Do What You Love: Extraordinaire is an empowerment programme promoting youth education through philosophy, personal leadership, and soft skills for bursary students. University youth take part in comprehensive activities which mentor them through the cultural change in university education and world philosophy. Learners gain personal development, leadership and guidance that empower them to take proactive measures, adjust to student life and successfully navigate through personal development.

Support a learner for R3100 per course

Volunteer Events:

New Acropolis is an NGO benefitting the public, we work on inner city beautification projects and target the displaced in Braamfontein. With the goal to re-ignite a value based society we have painted a few walls in the Braamfontein with virtuous inspirational quotes and also manufactured waterproof blankets for the displaced.

You are welcome to donate to our general cause to assist us in lending a helping hand to those in need.


Inspiring the city

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Philsophy in Leadership Extraordinaire Proposal

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