Are you a philosopher at heart?

Do you ever ask yourself questions like, "Why do we exist; what's the point?" "What is the nature of all things?" or "What role do I have to play in this world?". If you do, you're asking the same questions many great philosophers have asked throughout the ages. Philosophers like Buddha, Confucius, Kant and Socrates, who dedicated their lives to this type of philosophical investigation and the practical application thereof.

Taught by New Acropolis globally, the Philosophy for Living course serves to explore and compare the major systems of thought from the East to the West.

Unlock the secrets of ancient wisdoms and the practical tools they offer to help better understand and develop your own personal psychological and mental wellbeing.

Take a 16 class journey through a landscape of critical philosophical thinking that embraces finding meaning in life.


The 7-Fold constition of man and the universe The Bhagavad-Gita The Voice of Silence
Buddha Ancient Egypt and African Morality Confucious
Aristotle Plotinus Sociopolitics
Plato Stoicism Sociopolitical Forms
Philosopy of History Dharma Practical Exercise Day

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